Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are the perfect solution & gift when you simply cannot find the right one.
Let them treat & spoil themselves to exactly what they want!

Be Inspired & Let Them Find Their Style…

Buy A Voucher

SoveReign is currently in the process of developing gift vouchers which can be purchased online – however this will still take some time to complete.

Kindly contact if you’re interested in purchasing a gift voucher, please let us know the value of the voucher & whether delivery should be included or excluded. Kindly read important information below;

What happens after payment?
A beautifully designed voucher with a coupon code will be provided in PDF format.
You can either have it printed & presented as a gift or just forward the digital version to whomever is receiving the gift.

The voucher values are currently constructed as follows;
Please Note: Delivery rates will be readjusted as per rate increase due September 2023 (as mentioned on our website) & the minimum coupon value available is R150.00 (excl. delivery).

Option 1:

  • Purchase a voucher value excluding delivery fee
  • Minimum coupon value is R150 (excl. delivery fee)

Option 2:

  • Purchase a voucher value including local (Gauteng) delivery fee
  • Voucher value + Local delivery fee = Total cost to you
    • E.g. R150 + R80 = R230
  • Please Note: Local delivery fee to increase September 2023 (awaiting final rate confirmation from our courier)

Option 3:

  • Purchase a voucher value including national delivery fee
  • Voucher value + National delivery fee = Total cost to you
    • E.g. R150 + R101 = R251
  • Please Note: Local delivery fee to increase September 2023 (awaiting final rate confirmation from our courier)

To Conclude / Summarize

  1. The minimum voucher value available is R150.00 with no maximum limit.
  2. You will have the option to purchase a voucher which either excludes or includes the delivery fee.
  3. If you have included the delivery fee then that “fixed rate” will only be applicable to delivery & cannot be used as additional cash toward the voucher value.

You would like the voucher value to be R500.00 – including the local (Gauteng) delivery fee. Your total will therefore be R580.00. The user of the voucher will only have R500 to spend on jewellery & once the checkout process begins, delivery will automatically be set to “free”


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The Nitty Gritty Stuff…

Voucher T’s & C’s

Vouchers are valid for 1 year (365 days) from date of purchase and can not be used after the expiry date.

Vouchers cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash or other denominated vouchers.

Vouchers cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed.

Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon / voucher.

If an intended purchase is for a higher amount than the face value of the voucher(s), the difference can be made up with a credit/debit card payment.

Vouchers cannot be redeemed against jewellery or other online shop purchases. Gift vouchers are only valid across the SoveReign Body Jewellery South Africa website (

Vouchers cannot be sold to any third parties without our consent. If we do give our consent then such consent may be subject to any conditions which we impose. In any event you may not sell the Vouchers through the internet without our express written consent, which you must obtain before making any such sale. We reserve the right at all times to refuse to permit any sale of Vouchers by you to a third party.