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Here you’ll find every item that the SoveReign Body Jewellery Shop has to offer from Ear, Facial, Faux, Oral, Nipple & Belly Piercing Jewellery. Style your look with passion & craft it with precision. SBJ is a new up-and-coming South African based Online Body Jewellery Store that delivers nationwide throughout South Africa.

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More About Our Jewellery Shop

The SoveReign Body Jewellery Shop

The SoveReign Body Jewellery Shop serves as a fashion and self-expression hub, stocking items to meet the needs of every individual from all walks of life. The types of body jewellery items that you can expect from the SoveReign Jewellery Shop ranges from flatbacks, captive bead rings, hoops, barbells, studs, screws & chains.

Majority of the items found in our jewellery shop is made from Stainless Steel also known as Surgical Steel as this metal is easy to clean and maintain, and keeps its color over time, that’s right – no tarnishing!

Have questions you need answers to? View our FAQs page or get in touch and we’ll happily assist.