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Ab Coating

Luminous colour coating that changes when seen from different angles giving a subtle shimmer.

Transparent plastic material that has optical clarity resembling glass; also known as Plexiglass, which is strong and stiff

Do not exposed to alcohol as this causes cracking.

Acrylic is sensitive to rapid changes in temperature, Autoclave not recommended.


The chemical process which helps to protect the metal from corrosion.

This is also done to change the metals colour properties.

This is done by electrically building up an oxide layer on the surface of the metal, the colour will be determined by the thickness of the oxide layer.


A process of heating and cooling down a metal or glass to make it less brittle


A device used to sterilize tools and jewellery by heating them up with pressurized steam.

Autoclaves work by allowing steam to enter and maintaining extremely high pressure.

Heat-labile products (some plastics) cannot be sterilized as they will melt due to damp heat being used.


Ball Closure Rings (bcrs)

A ring which is closed using a ball with dimples on each side. The ball is held in place by the tension of the ring.

Also known as Captive Bead Rings.

The ring is opened and closed by pushing the ball in and out, the best way to close the ring is to line one dimple up with the side of the ring and push the other side in while holding the ring firmly.

The ball does not screw in and out.


This is a straight bar with threaded balls at either end. Barbells are one of the most adaptable pieces of body jewellery, used for many piercing sites.

Belly Piercing

Gauge: 14G/1.6mm
Size: 10mm

Size for a belly bar refers to the distance between the top ball and starting point of the lower decorative piece.

Jewellery Types:

  • Curved bars
  • Ball Closure Rings
Bar Closure Rings

This has the same concept as a ball closure ring / captive bead ring.

Instead of a ball, it uses a bar which gives an illusion that the ring is plain.

Bioplast / Bioflex

Bioplast is ideal for industrial and facial piercings as it is flexible and allows movement to prevent further injury. It also helps reduce swelling and increase healing time.

This can also be threaded by metal closures.


The piercing goes through the bridge of your nose between the eye and above the nose.

Jewellery Used: straight, curved or staple barbell.



Standard Gauge: 16G/1.2mm to 14G/1.6mm
Standard Size: 6mm – 10mm
Most common size: 6mm – 8mm

The large area of cartilage that makes up the back of the ear.

Items used for conch piercings;

  1. Ball closure rings,
  2. barbells,
  3. labret studs,
  4. circular barbells
  5. curved barbells
Captive Bead Ring

Ring-shaped body jewelry that has a gap that grips a bead. This bead can be removed to insert or remove the body jewelry. It is also called ball closure ring (BCR)

Circular Barbell

A barbell shaped like a horseshoe with balls at both ends

Curved Barbell

A slightly curved or bent barbell most commonly used for navel and eyebrow piercings.


Gauge: 16G/1.2mm – 18G/1.0mm
Size: 6mm – 10mm
Most Common Size: 8mm

Daith Piercing is through the smallest fold of cartilage in the ear, just above the ear canal.

Jewellery Used:

  • Captive Bead Rings
  • Fixed Bead Rings
  • Circular Barbell
  • Curved Barbell
  • Straight Barbell
  • Clicker Rings
  • Seamless


Ear Stud

Standard Gauge: 16G/1.2mm
Standard Size: 8mm

This can vary individually depending on the anatomy of your ear.

Eyebrow Piercing

Gauge: 16G/1.2mm – 18G/1.0mm
Size: 6mm – 10mm
Most Common Size: 8mm

Jewellery Type:

  • Curved Barbell
  • Straight Barbell
  • Captive Bead Ring / Ball Closure
  • Circular Barbell
  • Spiral / Twist Ring
A plug used to expand or enlarge a piercing


Faux / "Fake" Body Jewelry

A type of jewelry that can be used without undergoing an actual piercing.



The thickness of the body jewelry.

The smaller the number of the gauge is, the larger the item.



Gauge: 16G/1.2mm – 18G/1.0mm
Size: 6mm – 10mm
Most Common Size: 8mm

A helix piercing is the curved edge around the top of the outer ear.

Horseshoe Barbell

The Horseshoe is also known as a Circular Barbell or Ball Closure Ring (BCRs). This is a variation of a straight barbell which has a threaded ball on each end, the Barbell is bent fully into the shape of a horseshoe.



Multiple piercings on the ear that are connected with a single piece of jewelry

Industrial Piercing

Gauge: 16G/1.2mm – 14G/1.6mm
Size: 38mm

An industrial piercing is made up of multiple piercings on the ear that are connected with a single piece of jewelry.

Industrial Navel

These are two navel piercings which are connected using only one body jewellery item.

Internal Threading

The threads within the body jewellery post matches that of the ends which have threads on the outside.



Gauge: 16G/1.2mm – 14G/1.6mm
Size: Ranges from 6mm to anything that suits your lobe anatomy.
Most Common Size: 8mm

This is the most common type of piercing and carries less risk than that of cartilage.


This piece of body jewellery has a post with a flat end and is commonly used for lip piercings.


Nose Piercing

Gauge: 18G/1.0mm | 20G/0.8mm | 22G/0.6mm
Size: 6mm – 10mm
Most Common Size: 6mm Stud & 8mm Hoop

Jewellery Types:

  • Twist
  • Bone
  • Pin
  • L Post
  • Hoop
  • Seamless
  • Faux Hoop
Nipple Piercing

Gauge: 16G/1.2mm – 14G/1.6mm
Size: 12mm 12-16mm
Most Common Size: 14mm

Jewellery Types:

  • Straight Barbell
  • Circular / Horseshoe Barbell
  • Captive Bead Rings
  • Segment Rings
  • Seamless Rings
  • Nipple Clickers
  • Curved Barbell
  • Spiral / Twist Barbell
  • Nipple Shield
Nipple Shields

A nipple piercing makes use of jewellery which goes around the nipple and is kept in place by a barbell which goes through it.

Nose Bone / Stud

Similar to labrets, instead of flat tips, the nose ring has a ball on both ends.

Inner ball should be small enough to push through your piercing yet won’t slip out unless you actively pull at it as the inner ball functions as a stopper.

Recommended to purchase only after nose piercing has fully healed.

Nostril Screw

Bead / Ball / Stone at the top, a straight stem, and a c-shaped hook at the bottom.

This coils into the nostril letting the hook lie flush against the inner roof of the nose.

Nose L-Shape / L-Post

Similar to corkscrews, instead of the stem curling and hooking at the tip, it bends at 90°.

L-section sits against the inner roof of your nose.

Suitable for nostril and high nostril positioning.

Nose Labret

Both ends of the stem are flat, one part screws off.

Insert nose ring from the inside of your nostril then screw on the top part on the outside of your nostril.

Nose Pin / Fishtail

Top has some form of shaped design such as a bead or gemstone, with an extra long straight stem. extra-long stem is straight.

Only a piercer is able to insert this and bend the tip into a J-shape. You’ll need to return to a piercer to have this altered , removed or changed.



 A rubber ring that fits on a single-flared plug and holds the piercing in place

Orbital Piercing
Gauge: 16G/1.2mm
Size: This varies in terms of each individuals piercing, it’s best to do some research on your own piercing to confirm the exact size you may need.

Jewellery Type:

  • Captive Bead Rings
  • Hoops

This is similar to an industrial piercing, which is connected by one piece of jewellery. However the the orbital features two holes connected by a hoop instead of a bar.


A rubber ring that fits on a single-flared plug and holds the piercing in place



A style of nose jewelry that is horseshoe-shaped and used for septum piercings


A style of nose jewelry that is horseshoe-shaped and used for septum piercings

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

A material used to make flexible, nonstick body jewelry that is often preferred during pregnancy



Gauge: 16G/1.2mm – 18G/1.0mm
Size: 6mm -10mm
Most Common Size: 8m

Jewellery Type:

  • Curved Barbell
  • Captive Bead Ring
  • Seamless Hoops
  • Clickers
  • Circular Barbell

A cartilage piercing in the uppermost ridge of the inner ear, located above the tragus in the antihelix

A type of body jewellery that often comes in clear or flesh colours that is used to keep a piercing open but not visible


Gauge: 16G/1.2mm – 14G/1.6mm
Size: 10mm

Jewellery Used:

  • Circular Barbell
  • Bendable Rings
  • Clickers

The septum piercing is done through the middle cartilage of the nose that separates the two nostrils.

Snug Piercing

Gauge: 16G/1.2mm
Size: 8mm – 12mm

Jewellery Type:

  • Barbell
  • Captive Bead Ring
  • Horseshoe Ring
  • Curved Barbell
  • Circular Barbell

Snug piercings fit snugly into the outward curve of the inner section of your ear which sits directly above the anti-tragus.


Two types of pliers that safely attach and remove a captive ring

Surface Barbell
A long barbell for surface piercings that has bent ends which stick out above the skin.



Gauge: 16G/1.2mm – 18G/ 1.0mm
Size: 6mm -10mm
Most Common Size: 6mm Bar – 8mm Hoop

Jewellery Type:

  • Stud
  • Barbell
  • Hoops

The cartilage opposite of the inner curve of the ear that peeks above the ear canal.

Tongue Piercing

Gauge: 14G/1.6mm – 12G/2.0mm
Size: 12mm – 20mm
Most Common Size: 16mm

Jewellery Type:

  • Barbell

This is a piercing through the tongue. The most common is a vertical piercing going straight through from top to bottom in the center of the tongue. The horizontal tongue piercing, which runs through the tongue from side to side instead of top to bottom.

Transverse Lobe
 A piercing comprised of a barbell that is pierced through the earlobe from side to side, rather than front to back.
The ridges that screw the base and the attachments together.
Body jewelry that narrows down from a preferred gauge to a finer point; used to slowly expand the opening of a piercing.
Threadless Jewellery
Body jewelry that does not involve any threaded parts.

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